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                                         About LifeWave

LifeWave patches are new technology for improving health and providing dynamic anti-aging effects. We accomplish this by working with your body, not against it.

Remember what it felt like to be young, vibrant and pain free? This is the way you're supposed to feel, both now and all through your life. This, is LifeWave.

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LifeWave Featured in Suzanne Somers’ New Breakout Book, “Bombshell”!

LifeWave, Inc. is proud to announce its inclusion in the latest literary work Bombshell by award-winning actress and New York Times best-selling author of over twenty titles, Suzanne Somers.

”In Bombshell, Suzanne devotes an entire chapter to investigating the benefits of LifeWave’s innovative technology, and specifically those products that address issues of inflammation, the primary factor in the aging process. She even sat with LifeWave inventor and CEO David Schmidt to discuss the extraordinary benefits that she has personally enjoyed while using the LifeWave products, some of the science behind the patch technology and even the possible implications for new products in the future that might be applied for cancer prevention.

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